The Town of Hoedspruit

The name Hoedspruit means “Hat Creek” in Afrikaans. The name is said to have been established when a weary Afrikaner traveller placed his hat in the local creek on a hot afternoon. The town is located in the Lowveld (or lowland) area of South Africa, in Limpopo province. Though still at heart an Afrikaner farming town, Hoedspruit has grown to become the centre of the wildlife region of the country. It is part of the UNESCO-registered Kruger to Canyons (K2C) biosphere region and is surrounded by the largest privately-owned conservation area in the world. There are also numerous farms in the region, producing incredible citrus, avocado and mango crops. Watch for the monthly Farmer’s Market, or visit some of the local farmer’s stalls, where you can purchase some of the best local foods.

Though small enough to lack traffic lights (called “robots” in South Africa) or crime rates associated with larger South African destinations, Hoedspruit’s place at the centre of the wildlife tourism industry means that it has all of the amenities that you would want during your stay. There are three grocery stores, a number of good restaurants and cafes, a tourist centre and many interesting shops. Nkanyi house is located just a few kilometers from the town centre.