Tour a Local Village

Take a walking tour of a local village with the grassroots-based organization Shik Shack Tours. Visit a traditional healer and taste local food and drink, all while being led by a knowledgeable local guide. Adults and children alike greet you with a smile as you wander the dusty roads. Livestock wander past, as you make your way to several local venues. This is an ideal opportunity for those looking for a more authentic experience. It allows you to go places and meet people that would otherwise be missed. The guides are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about village life.

The tours are arranged by appointment and take place just off the road that leads to Kruger Park’s Orpen Gate. The walking is not challenging, however a donkey cart is available for those who need more assistance, or just want the fun of the ride.

Shik Shack Tours is part of a local NGO that also provides community gardens and afterschool tutoring for local primary school students. The tours are part of a community-based initiative that provides work experience and income for local residents.