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Annette Floyd

Do you feel the call of the African bush?

We certainly do. Though we have travelled throughout the world, nowhere draws us in like rural South Africa, so much so that we built our second home there in 2016. The friendly people, the food and wine, the wildlife and nature unlike anywhere else on earth; South Africa has everything that we love, in abundance. Ed is originally from South Africa and Annette has travelled and worked throughout the continent. Together we have explored every corner of South Africa. We were drawn to Hoedspruit and the Zandspruit Estate in particular, because it allowed us to experience South African bush living, while still having the conveniences of nearby shops and restaurants. Ed is also an amateur pilot and relished the opportunity to be able to fly in Africa. Annette loved the fact that the wildlife on Zandspruit still allowed for walking, jogging and cycling on the Estate. When we are not in Hoedspruit, we rent our home out to others, so that they too can have the experience of life in the African bush.

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